Depression doesn’t have to be fatal


It’s been a sad few days on the internet this week. As you all know, tragedy has struck Hollywood once again and the world is left shocked as the news of Robin Williams’ suicide spread like wildfire. Blogs, news articles, … Continue reading

Hiding in an empty parking lot with cupcakes

mean girls kalteen 2

This summer had a rough start for me.  My second year of school came to close and along with that many friends left for home, I began working and preparing to move myself, not to mention I was experiencing a … Continue reading

What does Juicing, Almond Butter, and Beyonce all have in common?


Today officially marks day 15 of my juicing journey. I have never completed a juice fast for more than three consecutive days, so I am amazed at how far I’ve been able to go. On day 8, I began incorporating … Continue reading



I’ve always had a passion for health and wellness. Thanks to my mother, I always seem to know about what the latest and greatest superfood is before it becomes mainstream (coconut oil is sooo 2011) and I can also easily … Continue reading

Beauty is Power


You are beautiful. Sounds cliché, right? How many times have we heard that as girls? Everywhere from Pinterest to instagram to your favorite blog has been flooded with uplifting messages encouraging us to love ourselves just as we are.  If … Continue reading