A Letter To Miley Cyrus

Dear Miley,

I, as well as millions of Americans, sat in amazement as I watched your VMA performance. No, you are not the first artist to grind on a backup dancer (however you may be the first to grind on a teddy bear but who knows), sing about your life of partying and drug abuse, or to strip down to your chonies. It’s all been done before. So why is your performance evoking such media attention, anger, amusement, and general confusion? Well, I have yet to speak to the millions of viewers personally, but here are a few of my guesses.

1. Yes, we all know that you are NOT Hannah Montana and we are all aware that you are of legal age to make your own decisions and mistakes. I am sincerely sorry that at such a young age you were forced to adhere to the pressure of being a role model when no 12 year old can really comprehend what that even means. I am sorry that you became a media product and you had to remain marketable despite your growth and interest in finding yourself. You were forced to push your own dreams and desires aside in order to keep the money rolling in for everyone around you. I have never been a child star and I will not pretend to know what that is like. However, you’ve been on a constant quest to prove how very not Hannah Montana you are and after a while it gets old. I mean, look at Britney. She too wanted to prove that she was no longer a girl but not yet a woman so she just penned a nice, catchy ballad about it, recorded a music video of herself singing it over a mountain top and moved on (insert sarcasm).The point is, instead of parading your rebellion 24/7, try letting us into your world and your heart.

2. I know I mentioned that a 12 year old should never have to be a role model, but as you have been very clear, you are no longer 12. You are 20. Therefore, you now have the responsibility of being a role model. So when you sing about getting a line in the bathroom, getting high on Molly, shaking it like you’re at a strip club, and doing whatever you want, you are sending the wrong message to girls everywhere. You see, you are the exception to the general rule. When you do those things, you get media attention. You get paid for club appearances. You get checks in the mail for your iTunes downloads. But when our girls do that, they get pregnant. They get addicted to heroin and end up on the streets leaving their family and friends in constant fear and grief over them. They drop out of school. They get kicked out of college and lose their scholarships. So, they really do end up shaking it at a strip club in order to pay the rent for themselves and their deadbeat boyfriends who can’t hold a job because of their alcohol dependency. You see, your music paints a false picture of what reality is. Partying and using drugs doesn’t lead to number one hits and nights filled with champagne, limo service, paparazzi attention and Snoop Dogg (lion?) calling you his homie. It leads to disaster, poverty, heartache and unfortunately for some, death.

3. Watching you perform makes me sad. I don’t mean that in the passive-aggressive “I don’t like you so I’m going to call you pathetic to make you feel stupid” kind of way. It really makes me feel sad because you have one of the greatest voices in the music industry. You have talent beyond what you may even know and you just cannot sustain a long term career using sex and drugs as your only muse. I know that there is something deeper in that little heart of yours and that’s what the world wants to see.

So Miley, you will probably never read this because I think the most hits my blog has had in a day is 400 (and yes I felt cool), but this is my prayer for you. I pray that you stop dancing with Molly. I pray that if you insist on wearing nude colored shorts that you consider picking a pair that leaves more to the imagination. I pray that you really do find yourself the way you so desperately want to. I pray that you live a LONG life full of fulfilled dreams, adventures, and love. I pray that you find your way back home and rediscover the heart that got you to where you are. I really am rooting for you. All the best.


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2,484 thoughts on “A Letter To Miley Cyrus

  1. James says:

    Maybe Miley doesn’t care what the author of this blog thinks. I mean, she is making her decisions and will have to live with them. If you don’t like her actions, change the channel, don’t go to her concerts, don’t support her in any way. Use your money to influence and support the artists you want to hear and see more of.


  2. Charlotte Freeman says:

    What she was ‘doing’ spoke louder than the song she was’ singing.’ It’s too bad; because she really has a great voice… Grandma Char


  3. William Alcocer says:

    U need God in ur life u have much to offer if u accept his guidence. U are a role model act like it be a leader not a follower. U have much going for u dont waste it away. Leave something for the imagintion.


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  5. Julie Brown says:



  6. Missy says:

    I was watching the award show when Miley started performing and I was in shock when she started acting like she was in a porn movie. I just turned the station and don’t intend to watch anything else with her name in it if I know beforehand that she will be appearing. I was repulsed. Some of the other artists that have been named have done wild things, but still maintain a little class in their acts. This was horrific! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I have grandchildren that have purchased her movies, songs, posters, etc. I have a feeling that a lot of these things will be trashed since their parents are also very upset. The public should be warned by the TV station that the program is not suitable for children or even most teenagers. I truly don’t think this could be called entertainment. I hope this young lady realizes how many of her viewers she has offended with this talent-less act and will change her ways before it’s too late.

    I loved the letter to Miley. It was exactly what I would have said.


  7. Sheri LoCascio says:

    I , personally, loved your article. I was also saddened. Just saddened. As I read these comments, and some are just not worth commenting on, I want to add this…..What a great world it would be if we could truly teach young women to love who they are and be comfortable in their own skin. Who don’t feel the need to “put it all out there”, whether it be a famous person or not. I don’t expect Miley to be a role model for all the young, because it is not fair to her, I just feel sad for her that SHE feels the need to do it. My hope…….Miley looks at this and perhaps regrets it someday, and perhaps moves on. We have all made mistakes. It is what we choose to do with it that can turn our lives around.
    Good luck in the future, my dear young girl, and thank you for the article.

    Sheri LoCascio


  8. Gareth says:

    All things about Miley aside, I must say many teens and tweens have to be quite stupid to know that drugs are not inherently bad. Pretty much every school has some kind of program during one week of the school year dedicated to teaching students why drugs are so bad. Flame me all you want, but I think it should be obvious to kids how bad they can be for their health, especially with teens these days being SO connected and seeing what drugs do to celebrities on channels like TMZ and even news articles that get shared on Facebook. And this is also where parents can step in and be parents…


  9. Lindsey says:

    Miley as a young adult like yourself I watched your show “Hannah Montana” and thought it would be cool to be you but you are showing the girls now a days the wrong message and you discuss me. I am not trying to be little you or anything but I do wish you would see the message you are sending out- its not ok to act like a total slut and its not ok to wear next to nothing out in the public eye because you can and will be label as something you aren’t. And no girl needs that please (I pray) go back to your young innocent self and teach the young girls the right ways your dad would be proud of you if you did that. If I was in your dads shoes I’d slap you and ground you or burn the skimpy clothes you wear-
    Grow up,

    Sincerely a viewer,


    • Gina says:

      What’s even more sad is that her mother was quoted saying how proud she was of her daughter and of the entertainer she has become. Seriously, it was trash!



      This is an example of what the music industry does to promote music and gets our young people to emmulate and follow. These are DEMONS. ALL of these tramps are puppets of the Illuminati. Research it for yourself. They have all sold their souls for money and fame and this is what they do in return. They worship the devil. Would YOU want your kids to watch such trash on TV?


  10. angellica says:

    …I looked up to her longer than any other girl my age, I had a birthday party dedicated to her when I was 13, only 3 years ago.. I don’t want to say anything bad about her because I see something in her. but I do want to say that she shouldt be so voulger in what she wants to be. soliciting herself this way shows bad interest. it gains the wrong attention.. my first impression.. not to judge is that she was sleeping around, she was way too upfront about the sexual dancing that she literally looked to me like she could be like a male rockstar is normally seen as a sex aholic. and then there is the whole drug situation.. I’m a major christian.. am praying for miley… I really hope you were just trying to gain attention and realize it was the wrong attention… because if you are tweeking or whatever, you won’t be as beautiful as you could be today if you only applied yourself to the inner beauty, instead of the nasty garbage your making as an image for yourself. Jesus loves you and forgives your past.. time to look forward to a better future.


  11. Concerned Momtype says:

    I like your picture. It looks like your boyfriend took the shot after he left your side. Very suggestive. You’re very pretty.


  12. Tree says:

    As a 40 year old male with no kids I suggest we all wake up!! We live in a capitalist society – get use to it! It’s all about money!! The young girls today who are being exposed to Miley’s bad behavior are going to be the moms of the future who are going to be outraged by some new young female singers bad behavior. And it will still probably be on MTV! This is how celebrity and stardom work here in this country. Everyone is talking about her so now that makes her more marketable in the future. Give her time, her next album will be a more mature Miley and then everyone will love her again!
    This was already per planned by the powers that be in the music industry. This is what having millions of dollars and notoriety gets a person. Anyone can do it!


    • Jay Godse says:

      That is right on the money. And to add to your comment, this is a formula which been successfully applied by former fresh-faced, well-behaved, role-model songstresses, such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Alanis Morrissette, The formula works.


    • WhyBother says:

      You’re a 40 year old male with no kids.
      No one is going to care what you say anyway. Cause you don’t have any frigging kids & you don’t understand what they’re talking about.


  13. jonnydux says:

    Great blog but I think you are giving too much credit to this girl. She has teams of promoters, marketers and produces on standby doing all the work for her she is just a cover figure. Apart from always being played on pop radio stations continuessly I don’t listen to or like her music, yet I could literally rant on for an hour about all the things that are wrong with her and her music and the music industry as a whole (specifically the pop genre).

    This twerking business is fucking retarded they have been doing that for years in hip hop and rap. So yeh why the fuck does everyone pay so much attention? What because she is young and white? Because she used to be Hannah Montana?
    Because if that’s all it is I’ve lost complete faith in society. Even me sitting here typing this is technically more advertisement for miley Cyrus, alas this is how marketing works infiltrate our brains!!. Anyway overall I think this is all just garbage, the music, the celebrities, the industry has just turned to absolute shit. Btw I meant no offence to any fans just a few of my personal opinions. Jon


  14. sarah says:

    I couldn’t agree more. You wrote this just perfect and I wish there was a way for her to see this..

    I remember my freshmen and sophomore year in high school being obsessed. I saw Miley in concert I watched everyone of Hannah Montana’s tv shows. I cried when they said they were ending the show.. I remember I tried so hard to back her up when she was caught smoking, or when she posed in the pictures u have here… but now theRes no backing Miley up.

    She has become such trash. And It truly makes me so sad that I feel that way and can say that . Why would anyone want such negative attention? I hope liam is smart and leaves her. She needs a reality check . What she’s doing is not cute nor is it sexy. I feel very sorry for miley. I truly do.


  15. jayson says:

    LMFAO! Calm down everybody! Who are you all to judge her, to tell her what to do, not to do, and ridicule? She’s an entertainer! She is not twelve. Maybe it was a little much, maybe she did it to make headlines… who cares? Writing letters to her? Telling her she needs jesus n should be ashamed, etc….? Wow. This is what it has come to? I swear, skimming through comments like these and seeing how people are quick to judge and turn on someone… makes me feel sorry for those people. And if ur taking time to read this and write a comment about it?…. ur probably part of the problem with people today! Close minded. Living in your small self revolving world, trying to live vicariously through media and your computer. Get up and go be with your kids! Hell, if you spent as much time with them as you do writing long, pointless comments about nothing…., maybe your kids might not end up doing the same thing, like lashing out! Thank you…


    • Brandon Watson says:

      sometimes it’s good for children to see their mother or father take a stand on something that they feel is morally wrong, whether you do or not. And for you to try to belittle that effort with your condescending remarks only furthers my tenacity to educate my children before people such as you can take a hold on them.


    • Julie A Heidamos says:

      You should put YOUR name in place of the US you are talking to !!! All that you have written should be pointing your finger AT YOURSELF !! I shall pray that you will see how judgemental, selfish, and hateful you come across in this post….I’m SURE most everyone with a Loving and Caring heart for the kids of these days agree that they need to see the other side of the coin…the side that leads to a life that is FREE from promiscuity, drug, and judgement that is soooo rampant in this rude society !! ALOT of these lost people are raised to be negative with a “I don’t care about you” attitude !!They are missing out on HAPPINESS & LOVE…..speaking FROM EXPERIENCE, been there done that !!


    • Julie A Heidamos says:

      @ jayson !!!!

      You should put YOUR name in place of the US you are talking to !!! All that you have written should be pointing your finger AT YOURSELF !! I shall pray that you will see how judgemental, selfish, and hateful you come across in this post….I’m SURE most everyone with a Loving and Caring heart for the kids of these days agree that they need to see the other side of the coin…the side that leads to a life that is FREE from promiscuity, drug, and judgement that is soooo rampant in this rude society !! ALOT of these lost people are raised to be negative with a “I don’t care about you” attitude !!They are missing out on HAPPINESS & LOVE…..speaking FROM EXPERIENCE, been there done that !!


    • Joyce Murphee says:

      Obviously you don’t have a teenager daughter that can be so easily influenced by what is becoming of Miley Cyrus!!! I, myself, feel very sad for the direction Miley is taking in her life.


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  18. The Dude says:

    As they say in the biz. No publicity is bad publicity. By writing this article and giving her bad publicity about her performance your are effectively giving her even more publicity. It’s called exponential publicity. And I believe that is exactly what she wanted. Now I’m doing it. We are all giving her what she wanted. Now her record sales just went up because of it. See how that works. If you don’t like something in the music biz it’s best to give it zero publicity otherwise your just feeding the fire, and who knows, she might get worse before she gets better. And we all know she can be better.


  19. Larry E Clements says:

    Their needs to be a lot of God Almighty. These people think they have to answer to no one. But end the end they will spend eternity in hell and carry a lot of innocent kids with them. These kids blood are on her hands. Also our parents should get back to God and stop alk this acceptance of evil and demons. God said that if we will go to our kness and ask forgiveness he will restore our country. Its the only way. God be with you.


  20. Elaina says:

    I think the best thing people can do for these celebrities, is stop making them a sensation. Turn your back, don’t acknowledge their existence; the end. The most humbling of things is when you take them from 60 back to 0 by not giving them your money, attention or their own hashtags.


  21. Xiomara says:

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  22. Lenk says:

    This was great, actually. 🙂 I’m really happy to discover I’m not the only one ranting and raving about your first point – that she has the freedom and luxury to have a “wild child phase” without having to worry about the repercussions in the same way. The psychology of it all is fascinating to me, really.


  23. hightech says:

    I don’t get it. I don’t sit around watching pop singers sports events movies etc. I’m too busy living MY LIFE. If i had a daughter I would simply show her what happens when a young girl chooses the wild life. Plenty of examples with pictures and videos of women being destroyed. These “stars” are not happy people and they are not role models especially actors whose whole existence and livelihood is based on playing pretend. Sports? Grown men and women playing with a ball and getting paid millions while millions pay big money and waste time watching. People are paying $100’s of dollars for tickets to music concerts and sporting events when most of them can’t even pay the bills and are in debt up to their eyeballs.


    • bob evans says:

      just because you try to show your child something that’s not right, does not mean that him/her wont choose that crazy life. You can try to limit the people they hang out with, pull them out of public school, and try to keep them from social media, but there is no way you can cut them off completely. Our world today has turned into a vanity fair. all we care about 24/7 is what we look like, what the latest trends are, what the celebs are doing, and who we like, and if the like us back. Its all a love/hate relationship. All we can do is try to guide the children of this generation on the right path, and hope and pray that they stay on it and live a good god filled life. The worlds a horribly dangerous one, and its only gonna get worse.


      • Another guy says:

        get them out of public schools? I know a lot of rich, bratty, stuck up coke heads that come out of private schools. More money (and 24/7 access vanity fair)=lots of drugs. Bottom line no matter where you go MILEY AND HER PARTY LIFE WILL CONSUME YOU!!!!!!


      • Christian Homeschooled Girl says:

        I am a Homeschooled Girl, so Another guy, when you take someone out of public school it does not mean private. Have you even HEARD of homeschooling? It has been around for a very long time….I’m not going to waste my time telling you that what you are saying is junk, because a lot of it is true. Some people think private schools are better when they actually can be worse. But consider this: Just like how God always opens a door for you when one closes, there are often, not always, but often a third choice. And homeschooling is a third choice.


      • Sara Fergie says:

        amen amen amen! this is absolutely true! these are mad, mad times we live in and they will only continue to spiral into insanity. the best we can do for our children is lend them a loving and guiding hand as they travel down this uncertain road of life and pray each day that they live the way they know they should, and that they don’t fall prey to the degrading lifestyle that many celebrities live. i know first hand how hard it is to keep someone you love on the right path. my cousin has gone down the path of drugs and partying and right now she is locked up and paying the price for it. i’m just glad she’s no longer loose and able to get into even more trouble because the way she’s been cruising it’s a wonder she hasn’t met the fate that Whitney Houston and Corey Monteith both did. All we can do is pray that our loved ones who have gone astray can come back and our loved ones who are growing up in these crazy times can keep a clear head.


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  26. Iamyourmama says:

    This is the most condescending Anglo-centric, milquetoast drivel. Save the pseudo-psych for yourself on your lonely trips to the Pottery Barn.


    • letsbereal says:

      I hope you feel better about yourself now “Iamyourmama.” People can express themselves how ever they please. Lets build eachother up and not break eachother down. Whats the point in being so narcissistic…cause all it does is reflect your heart
      lets be real


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  29. Lee says:

    I would usually never comment on these things. All of these people that are bashing the blogger for condemning Miley’s freedom of speech are just ignorant, but funny. Irony at it’s best. Miley is a role model. Ask these teens, you moms and wanna-bed that are thinking these entertainers of today aren’t influencing the clothes, food, music, drinks, drugs, toys, etc you are buying with your money or the money you give your kids. Do you not see what the majority of this 21st century generation are doing? And yes, they are the MAJORITY. They are wearing more provocative clothing than ever before, following in the footsteps of COOL people that have FRESH (or whatever) stuff and killing each other when they get mad. The week Miley performed this almost pornographic act for millions to see, there were kids like Rebecca Sedwick who were bullied to death. Yes, more than one. So while you want to say that influence isn’t there or that she doesn’t need to be fussed at, bless you. Bless your family. I am a young adult. But I’m not ignorant as to the state of the world in which we live. I think Miley is incredibly talented. I think the song is catchy. But if you want it to be a lesson plan for your teenager, I hope they survive. As well as all of the other people they will affect.


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  35. ciara says:

    It is more suitable to rihanna but not for miley. Rihanna is natural but miley is awkward & tries so hard to b lik sum1 else ……cringe. C needs to understand dat sum ppl r not born+suitable to do this…. There r otha ways to let ppl kno that cz grown up now. hav no prob wid wearin skimpy cloth or takin drugs but its jus not 4 her


  36. Snarkula says:

    You totally nailed it on this post. That is exactly why Miley’s work is a problem – because she is a role model, and little girls too young to understand the cheesy sex moves in her videos will mimic them anyway, because it’s Miley, and she’s cool. And as you point out, girls old enough to act on the myth of ‘party crazy, you can’t lose’ may end up losing a lot. Miley’s whole ‘bad girl’ image is just corporate marketing. She’s a tough smart industry professional who very much subscribes to her industry’s code: it’s all about the numbers. Right now, her bad-girl product is hugely successful in industry terms, her numbers are excellent. That’s the only reason she’s doing it, and like the rest of her profession, she’s indifferent to whatever unfortunate effects this has on consumers. When the bad-girl thing stops selling, she’ll do something else, again with indifference to how it hurts the people who buy her product.


    • Ashley says:

      Miley can do what she wants and obviously will. She does not care what you’re saying in your little blog comment. And she’s not a role model for 12 year olds. She never claimed to be a role model at all. But her fans have grown up, just like her. Hannah Montana is rarely aired anymore so don’t give me that crap about a new generation being influenced by Miley, because they’re not. Also, you dont know her so don’t even try to say this is just an image. Are you too scared to accept that maybe she is just that wild and crazy?


      • brent nowostawski says:

        Thank you Ashley! Miley has worked her entire childhood to get to where she is today. Now its her time to finally express herself the way she sees fit , the way she wants and feels ! If people don’t like it , don’t watch her or support her! Don’t keep your eyes glued to her then bitch about what she’s doing ! Hannah Montana is a tv character , just like a rapist on Law & Order is. Do people think the actor on Law & Order should be a rapist in real life ?? ITS A TV CHARACTER people! Miley played Hannah , Miley is not and never WAS Hannah. Miley played Hannah. Are people that immature and ignorant to understand TV is not real ?? LOL ! Miley is doing just fine for herself,she don’t need anybody on the internet to tell her how to live her life. Same with Lindsay or Britney or anybody else. Save your energies internet people. Step away from the computer and go parent your child yourself , don’t sit on your ass bitchin’ at Miley she’s not a good role model , YOU be a role model to your kids…what an idea huh ?? Another novel idea is , how about we only whine,bitch and complain to people whose shoes we have walked in and whose lives we truly understand , instead of going by what we see on the fly on tv and your computer screen! I’m bitching cuz I don’t like haters hating on undeserving people just because YOU see fit to hate. I will always stick up for people getting hated on no matter what ! Its 100% unfair to them.


      • Lauren says:

        Ashley, though Miley may not ever see this or care, obviously you care enough to leave your opinion. People are not deliberately trying to watch Miley’s disgusting behavior on stage, but rather listening to the news and being a normal human being involved with the media, everyone was so astounded by her behavior that of course it blew up over every social media networking site; So even if you did not care about her, you would still hear about it. And it is besides the fact that she played Hannah. It is that she has taken her fame and talent and is wasting it talking about drugs and sex and painting a fake picture of reality. Even if she never had any ties to Hannah, it is the fact that she is wild and immature, trying to display that she is not a little girl any more but in the wrong way. The new generation is influenced by her because she is still Miley; any actresses or singer is going to have influence on the generation whether they like it or not! And yes her fans have grown up, and they are probably around the same age as her which is why it is going to make such an impact on everyone because they will look to her to help make their choices or how they act with their behavior. And Brent if you ‘always stick up for people getting hated on no matter what’, then you are the definition of hypocritical because you are hating on Rihanna and her opinion, and yet I don’t see you sticking up for her?


      • brentsnbrent nowostawski says:

        K Lauren, let me re-phrase.I stick up for people who unfairly get hated on. Too many celebrities and sports figures get hated on and judged by so many people with no talent. Its insane jealousy is all it is. If you have walked in Miley’s shoes or know her well , you wouldn’t be judging her. What in the world makes people think they should be telling others how to live their lives. Concentrate on your own lives,you will be a much happier person. I don’t think Miley judges you and what you do. She’s too busy being successful living her own life. She’s an entertainer , if you don’t like her , don’t watch or listen to her. Don’t read and watch everything about her , then bitch and whine. Get your own life and live it. Be obssessed with something you feel is more positive. If you get so much pleasure from bringing other people down , you will never be happy.


      • Collin says:

        So Brent you are telling me that you have walked in Miley’s shoes and you know her well?? Oh that is right. You don’t. Her change has been so drastic that that is why it is so talked about. Let me also state again that I DO NOT watch her intentionally. I would rather not see her naked swinging on a wrecking ball or grinding with a teddy bear and foam finger because I find it disturbing and vulgar (and when people say that in the wrecking ball video, it is very “artistic” and “raw” because she is so “emotionally broken from Liam”– oh yes I totally get that imagery as she is licking a hammer and rubbing her body against a chain. Why couldn’t she had focused more on her real emotion as you see her crying- that is the Miley I would want to know) But wake up and smell the roses!! We live in a technology based society and if you are involved in any social media then obviously YOU WILL HEAR ABOUT IT whether you want to or not!! I am not trying to pull her down. I was a fan way back when she was Hannah, which yes I can fully comprehend that she is not 12 anymore, which is possibly why I struggle with seeing her like this – because she was a role model to me. She has said herself “I have so many issues. I’m f—ing messed up” I looked up to her, and I have grown up with her, and her sudden turn is disheartening! I know she is successful. Her songs are catchy, but it is just the display of how they are presented that is dismaying. I wish her all the best. I just hope that she is able to find what she truly cares for and is able to live life to the end.


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