The Dear Miley Aftermath

Well, I certainly did not expect this. If someone had told me that I would write a blog that would go viral in a matter of 24 hours, I would have deemed it impossible. Of course, the idea of having millions of people reading the words you penned yourself and taking time out of their day to share something you created is (almost) every person’s dream. But generally it stays just that. A dream.

You see, when I sat down to write my letter to Miley, I had no expectations. Well, I take that back. I expected my mom, nana, and maybe a few Facebook friends to share my blog and maybe to get a few “likes” but that was it. My excitement and hopes surely went up when Johnjay from The Johnjay and Rich Morning Show shared my blog. I got so excited that I told my best friend that maybe I could get up to 1000 views! And that I did. In a matter of 20 minutes.

Reading over the comments on the post has been encouraging, frustrating, and amusing all at the same time. At first, they were all generally positive, and then once I hit 10k views, they changed tone just a bit. Here are some of the rumors and speculations that I would like to address:

1. Some assumed that I wrote the letter for money because I am “a poor, needy, and sad” ministry school student who needs funding. While yes, it is true that I am about to start my second year of ministry school and I do need funding, getting money was never my intention. I had written a blog a few months ago about my school and fundraising, however that was written directly for family and friends who wanted to donate. Want to donate? Amazing! Don’t want to donate? There really would be no hurt feelings because again, that was never my intention. I wouldn’t ever expect a stranger to.

2. A few readers claimed that I was part of the Illuminati and hired by Mr. President himself to distract the general public from the current events in Syria. That one was amusing. I mean, I would be honored if Obama wanted to hire me to write a blog and if that were the case then I surely would not need to raise money to go back to school. So sadly, I must confess that that rumor is not true. Obama, please let me know if you need any assistance in the future. If I am too busy to help, let me refer you to Katie Cannon. She’s hilarious and brilliant and just as obsessed with the illuminati as I am.

3. Hundreds of readers felt that I was being a “holy roller” and was judging Miley. First off, I want to sincerely apologize if the letter came across that way. My heart was never to offend, but to encourage. I am deeply sorry to those who were offended. I really am a fan of Miley Cyrus and I am excited to see that she has managed to sustain a career in a city where stars fade quickly. Miley has an amazing life ahead of her and I send her my greatest blessings!

4. I understand that I used very extreme examples of what can happen to people when they abuse drugs and alcohol. I am aware that not every person ends up a college dropout, a stripper, or a heroin addict. The point that I was trying to make is that nothing good comes from the party lifestyle and the risks of disaster are severely heightened. My heart was for people to be aware of the risk they are taking when making decisions, whether good or bad.

5. And lastly, many readers assumed that I either was the world famous singer, Rihanna, or that I was using her name to attract attention. Neither are true. My real birth given name is Rihanna and has been since 1986 and no, I cannot give Jay-Z your YouTube channel or mixtape to listen to. If I do ever have the opportunity to meet Jay-Z, I will try to keep you in mind but most likely I will be too obsessed trying to meet Beyonce that I will probably forget about your mix-tape all together. It’s nothing personal. Sasha Fierce does that to you.

So there you have it. This experience of Internet insanity was exciting, unexpected, and very much appreciated. Thank you so much for reading my blog and for sharing on twitter, Facebook, and whatever other social media sites are out there! You all definitely made this something that I will remember forever.

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49 thoughts on “The Dear Miley Aftermath

  1. Ila Branson says:

    I like what you wrote to Miley. I too always liked her and feel very sad about the choices she is making now. What was so wrong with Hannah Montana? Why does she think she has to go so far the other direction from where Hannah was? I have grandchildren that always liked to watch her show and her movies. I don’t want them to watch her now because you don’t know what she will do next that is so outrageous. Thank you.


  2. Krista says:

    Good job girlie! Always nice to see a real person, with real thoughts and feelings on the Internet. Good luck with school, I know you’ll do we’ll.


  3. Toriana says:

    I wish you many blessings with your future endeavors and always speak the truth that is upon your heart.

    Of course there is always a way to impart the truth that makes it easier to accept. Just follow your heart.

    Posting your letter for all the world to see and judge took courage.

    I look forward to reading more from you sweetie!

    Stay blessed!!


  4. BirdDog71 says:

    What you don’t know about the music business could barely squeeze into the Grand Canyon. Don’t like it? Turn it off. Basic amoeba know that. Judgement? Doesn’t your Book say something about that? Growing up to 20? You stand before your “God” and tell him you haven’t had sticky fumblings in a car or truck or beachside when you were in your youth…whenever that was. I’ve been writing, performing, producing music for 25 years lady, and you know NOTHING about marketing a product. She makes more money in 25 minutes than you do in a year.
    I’ve never heard a Cyrus song in my life, and don’t need to. I’ve written hits in the bathroom.
    If you need her as a role model, grab a time machine and see if it has a way-back mode. Otherwise, STFU and make millions with what YOU have.
    Shut up, shake YOUR moneymaker or leave it to the rest of us who know the difference.

    Jealousy is the hallmark of petty minds.


    • amber says:

      Wow. You know, its not always about the money. Yeah, these girls have lots of it, but they’re obviously looking for something more. Maybe like someone to not tell them “yes” to everything? That money doesn’t buy love and real friends and self respect? Good for you for your success. You can’t take any of it when you go and you’ll be replaced quickly.


    • Matt says:

      You’re living a sad life if you’re living it solely for the money. Who cares what Miley makes, and who cares about the music industry. There’s more to life then any of that. I feel sorry for you that you don’t see it.


    • Taylor says:

      Why put a diamond ring on a two year old? If you have such pride in your bathroom song writing skills why waste them on a fool who is willing to compromise everything to make a dollar? That may be part of the music industry, however we also have seen a lot of celebrities who don’t make their fortune by acting ridiculous . People resort to those shameless tactics when they know their isn’t any real talent to work with or if idiots have convinced them its their best option. Miley needs to get out from under people like YOU and use her voice to its best advantage as a real singer and not a Disney prop or anyone else’s marketing scheme. Then she will be remembered from years to come as respected and not a short term joke. Btw we live in the real world where little girls do emulate the stars they see and it influences them. Rihanna doesn’t need her as an influence but other children who don’t have a good support system and have low self esteem might. Miley is better than this and we all know it and that’s why it’s disgusting to see.


    • Diane says:

      You have a mindset that is very sad. Rihanna’s letter was written in a spirit of love. She has a heart for people in the industry, and she has had a great deal of exposure to the industry. She has 2 cousins in the industry, one of whom worked with Justin Timberlake and also with In Sync. Another one recently participated in the Michael Jackson tour in Japan. Her uncle has been in the industry for years. So you are the judgemental one in saying she knows nothing. I pray God will reach out to you again. He’s already tried through Rihanna. I pray you will open your heart and let Him in.


    • Sam Hifler says:

      Seems to me that your writing skills lack a bit or maybe it’s your intelligence. She never once passed judgment (notice there is no e in the middle)nor did I read any jealousy in her blog. I really doubt that you’ve written any music that would be worth listening to, if your above writing is an indicator of how well you write. So just take your keyboard warrior mentality and your little BirdDog71 screen name (try using your real name when you want to put someone down) and TROLL elsewhere.


    • Taco cat says:

      “I’ve written hits in the bathroom”…what the crap is that? Really? I want to know. That may be the single most asinine comment I’ve ever seen. It always amazes me at the anger some people have. You tell RiRi that she can turn it off if she doesn’t like it, well back at you. Don’t read her blog if you don’t like it.
      I’m sure you’re a nice person, but your post seemed really angry considering hers wasn’t.


    • Rudy Landa says:

      I personally know quite a bit about the music business having worked in for about 20 years now… you’re been performing, producing, and writing music for 25 years but have never heard a Miley Cyrus song in your life….hmm speaks a lot about how in touch you are with the mainstream market… successful your music career must be….how is the business writing jingles for dog food commercials? because that’s about the only music business I would think you’re in if you’ve been in it that long and are not familiar with top 40 music? Actually it makes sense that you’ve written hits in the bathroom….I’m pretty sure, they’ve also been recorded there, been mixed and mastered, been released and toured all in your bathroom……I’m also pretty sure that’s the extent of your fanbase and fame……

      Here’s a tip….after you get off your bathroom tour….go back and read her post one more time and you’ll see that RIhanna’s post was not one of hatred (like yours)….it was actually one of reaching out to her to get her to see the error of her ways…..but more important….so that other girls who want to follow her example DON”T.

      Here’s also another clue….not everyone in this world has the ultimate aspiration to make the 25 minute fortune that you speak of….not everyone in this world desires to make millions by shaking your money maker….because unlike your accusation of “jealous being the hallmark of petty minds”……. an insatiable desire for money is the hallmark of people with very little self-worth………….or other parts.


  5. David says:

    I must be abnormal because I thought “yes yes yes” someone standing up for what she believes and being a good Christian role model in a messed up world! In my few years I have learnt that you first know you are on the right track is that you gets lorry loads of opposition! You will always get a coffee in Scotland :)))


  6. Rebecca says:

    Well hello!! I am just over halfway done listening to your testimony. Girl, you are AMAZING. I relate to you so much, lol!! Especially with being naiive going into highschool. I love what you said about “goth” people. I thought everybody saved sex for marriage probably up until grade 11. I never swore, was over-the-top modest, and just super innocent. Anyways, just goes to show that eating disorders can affect anybody!! I suffered from bulimia, depression and self harm for 7 years of my life, and on August 15th of this year, I celebrated 1-year being binge/purge free. Lemme tell you… it was wierd!! But still so so awesome. And ALL the glory goes to God. Have you heard of Mercy Ministries? It’s a free-of-charge, residential treatment center for girls struggling with life controlling issues such as eating disorders, self harm, addictions, depression, abuse, etc… I went there for 8 months, and it was AMAZING. Everything that you are speaking about is what I learned there. Speaking truth and life over ourselves through Bible verses and affirmations are crucial to renewing our minds. I could go on and on, but this is so long already!! Feel free to email me if you want to chat!! 😉 I’m off to Pacific Life Bible College this weekend, for my first year of Bible school!! It’s mind-blowing to think that I’m healthy enough to go to school, to move out of my apartment and create new relationships and and and and and…. God is just SO GOOD!!

    Anywhooo…. about the Miley thing. I am so proud of you for writing exactly what all my Christian friends feel about the situation. I can’t believe the comment the BirdDog71 wrote. It’s so mean!! I think you are going to get a lot of replys and such, and maybe if people keep being awful you should get a friend or family member to read the comments first, and delete the ones that the enemy could use to hurt your spirit. Just an idea.

    Bless you Rihanna, and I pray all the best for you in this journey of freedom and I love that I get to see you in Heaven one day!!

    Your Sister in Christ,
    -Rebecca 🙂


    • Rebecca says:

      Okay, so after a teensy bit of googling, I am like, WHAT?!?! You go to Bethel?? Thats where one of my best friends is starting her second year!! Cara Santos, married to Jacob Santos… do you know her? She has an amazing voice. Anyways, if you know her, that would be so cool, lol!!


      • iamrihanna says:

        Wow that is an amazing testimony! I had a few friends who went to Mercy Ministries and they loved it! I don’t know if I know Jacob and Cara but I might if saw their faces.


  7. howtoclimbamountain says:

    @BirdDog71… SO not the point. If you were wondering, I AM in the industry and I still disagree with you on principle. You have proved nothing other than illustrating how cheap shock tactics are a means for marketing.


  8. howtoclimbamountain says:

    @Rihanna, thank you for having the courage to write honestly and with what most people can recognise as compassion.


  9. Milo says:

    i certainly enjoyed your letter.i think speaking our of love is the best way to go. like many, it appears as though miley has embarked on a journey to discover who she is and had hit a bit of a snag. prayer, as always, is needed. if you’re interested in checking it out, i recently read an article that sheds light to another side of the issue that, i believe, many have yet to consider:

    now, it is strongly worded,, but i challenge you to keep your mind open and stay objective when considering the various other implications of her performance. i believe this argument is one we would be remiss to ignore. still, all love to miley. the Lord will surely guide her.


  10. Tom Robinson says:

    You write well-beyond your years, with knowledge and wisdom that could only come from God. Thanks for stepping-out, sharing your heart, His understanding and His heart with all of us 🙂 May God continue to bless you in your endeavors, and pursuits, as you continue to glorify Him, in your life, walk & talk!



    I believe you showed true compassion in your words you shared. When one lets there light shine upon others, darkness will be sent to dim the bright shining that isn’t understood by the many. PLEASE CONTINUE TO SHINE ! ❤


  12. millennialonthemove says:

    Hi Rihanna,

    Loved your post and started following your blog as a result.I just started my own blog and I can only hope some day one of my posts will take off like yours did. It was beautifully written. As your blog gets more readership remember… don’t listen to the haters and NEVER feed the trolls. 🙂 Congrats!


  13. ottawaedge says:

    Haters will always, ALWAYS, hate. Ignore them. As a veteran of political, entertainment and sports forums and boards, I have learned you just can’t fix stupid. The internet provides the safety of anonymity to the ignorant, the insecure, the bigoted and the downright foolish and the guilty parties will always be looking for the first opportunity to scream at the top of their lungs, wearing their contempt and hatred like badges of pride.


  14. pdmCoach says:

    When someone makes their living from being in the public eye there will always be controversy, it goes with the territory. As you have discovered from the amount of comments that you got, (congratulations it was amazing) the same goes when you write a great blog and touch on a provocative topic. How wonderful that you were able to generate so many different opinions and allow people to also put in their “Two Cents”.
    Keep writing with your authentic voice and let the comments be a way of knowing that you have triggered people to also voice their opinion. (Exceptions are anonymous posts, if you feel it, write it and be brave enough to own it) You already know when anyone is brave enough to make their thoughts and opinions public; (see note above on anonymous!) there is no topic that 100% of people will ever agree on. And in my humble opinion that is what makes us great.


  15. Amanda says:

    I was reading some of the RUDE comments from your original blog, “The Letter to Miley Cyrus” that were mostly written by some very judgmental and hypocritical ‘Christians’… Well lets just say that’s what they say they are… Christians?!? Okay!!! They are judging you when they are calling you out for basically judging Miley… I’m a mother of a 10 y/o girl and she grew up watching Hannah Montana so when she all of a sudden started seeing ‘Miley Cyrus’ she still thought of her as the ‘Hannah Montana’ that you can STILL watch on Disney channel!!! So, those hypocrites obviously aren’t parents but thankfully I’ve raised my children to know RIGHT from WRONG! I’ve talked to my children about drugs, sex, alcohol, etc since they were able to understand what I was talking about! So, to get to my point if they don’t like your blog do what I always tell everyone else…. KEEP ON SCROLLING AND KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF!!!!! Thanks!! It’s your blog so preach on girl! Well said by the way! 🙂


  16. Ella says:

    Hello Sis Rihanna,

    This is Ella from Crossmap ( I’ve shared your letter to Miley on Crossmap (, and many viewers clicked the article.

    I personally was very sad about Miley’s performance too, and I was wondering how can Christians do for her and the entertainment industry. Then later I saw your blog article, which is so sincere and wonderful. I believe people need to view the whole thing from a Christianity perspective, so I posted your article on our website.

    I tried to let you know about it, but I couldn’t find anyway to contact you. I put your article link at the end of the article on Crossmap, hope that’s fine for you.




  17. Carl says:

    This certainly made me smile. Congratulations on having your foot in the door – it’s a real opportunity. I pray that God will give you more opportunities to express caring to a world in need.

    All the best with your ministries studies – I am in last year of seminary – working full time and school part time. Only crazy people would try something like that… 😉


  18. learningwithleigh says:

    I thought your letter Miley was on point. You were more mature about the situation than I was, because to be honest her performance made me angry. I liked the approach you took, and I am going to try to take your approach from now on when something bothers me. Thank you for your post.


  19. Allie says:

    Rhihanna – Bless your heart. I just read what a FB friend shared – your Letter to Miley. I loved it. Then I saw this post about the “aftermath.” All I can say is that I read your letter exactly as it was intended. You are wise beyond your years. You did well. I hope this opens doors for you. Good luck in school. 🙂


  20. ericalynnej says:

    Oh goodness. That is the way, isn’t it? People will always try to stir something up– just keep loving and know that this too will blow over. and, if you’ve offended people, you’re inspired just as many if not more. Miley may never read this, but the fact that you poured compassion out to her in the name of Christ is all you needed to do. God is faithful and he will take care of it.
    — Gotta stick up for my fellow bloggers!

    Erica Lynne


  21. Brit says:

    You are wonderful just how you are! Your letter was something from the heart. Not that many people would even care to do that anymore. Your a really good person 🙂 Keep it up


  22. jennacleary says:

    Rhianna, honestly everything you said on your talk about your eating disorder I relate to. I had one for 7 years
    and am in the process of recovery and doing a lottttt better. Anyway, I wanted to know if you feel going to bethel was good recovery wise? You said you went through insecurity and all that and im scared to relapse if i go. Ive wanted to go for a while


  23. Michelle says:

    Found your blog via a friend who shared it on Facebook! Very encouraging to hear a Christian speaking out in love. Definitely read your letter to Miley the way it was intended! Keep up the awesome writing! 🙂


  24. Sam Hifler says:

    Rihanna, I know you don’t know me, but you know my daughter Sierra and cousin Hannah. Hearing your testimony and reading your blogs brings joy to my heart that she looks to you as a roll model. I pray that the negative comments never harden your heart nor diminish the love of Christ that you exude. When you read the negative just remember John 15:18 “If the world hates you, be aware that it hated me first.”


  25. Jae says:

    I love your writing! It is so empowering and very hilarious 🙂
    I hope this internet sensation letter gets you very far, you deserve it!
    And every word in your letter to Miley should be heard.
    You girl, you are a role model!

    Love from the Carribean!


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