A Single’s Guide for Surviving Christmas

Ahh, Christmas.  Laughter, Christmas carols, Mariah Carey, couples getting engaged, and mistletoe that you won’t be getting kissed under but you’ll rather become the butt of some joke at a holiday Christmas party when you realize you’re standing under it with your boss. I love the holidays!

Being single, the holidays can be mixed with emotions especially when after the holiday parties, your family and friends go home with their significant others while you stay with mom and dad watching Love Actually and eating leftover cranberry bliss bars for the 8th time. I decided that I don’t want my single friends to have to suffer through another holiday season alone, so I put together my top 5 pieces of advice to help get you through!  So let’s raise a glass of *spiked* eggnog and begin!

  1. Deactivate your Facebook.  My Facebook feed averages about sixteen-hundred generic engagement photos around this time. It’s just one photo after the other of a man on one knee in front of the Christmas tree, a photo of a newly adorned hand (with bad lighting) in front of Christmas lights, a happy couple holding champagne glasses with the caption “He put a ring on it. He must have liked it ;).” It only took one day of these types of posts for me to vomit all over my keyboard.  Granted, I’m still unsure if the vomit was due to these posts or the entire chocolate rum cake I committed myself to. But better safe than sorry, so I deactivated the FB! For the sake of your computer and liver, I advise you do the same!tumblr_inline_mh64ez9Evf1rwvk4w
  2. Drink a lot.  No, no, no! I know that you think I just gave you permission to drown your sorrows in vodka cranberries, but I am actually referring to water! The way I see it, if I have to listen to all my newly engaged friends talk excessively about their new fiance, I want to at least be properly hydrated. It also gives me the excuse of having to use the restroom every half hour where I can be free for a blissful two minutes! (Also, vodka cranberries don’t necessarily hurt the situation).tumblr_ncbcs6IFSP1saxwc2o1_400
  3. Become a Vegan. The only thing that people will harass you with questions about more than your relationship status is the fact that you no longer ingest eggs.  Who cares if you’re a vegan or not, just politely decline the cheese platter at every holiday gathering with the explanation that you’ve just decided to be better and more self-righteous than every other person there and voila! Your relationship status officially bores them and now they want to know about your protein intake.  No one has to know that you secretly ate an entire block of brie cheese in your bed last night after you drank an entire bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon because you logged onto your facebook only to be bombarded with fifteen-hundred engagement announcements.  NO ONE HAS TO KNOW. anigif_enhanced-24955-1448919657-2
  4. Take advantage of Amazon Prime.  Families on a budget seem to forget that because you are a 29 year old single female, you don’t have a significant other who can make up for the lack of gifts. This can make the holiday season feel somewhat depressing when you see photos of your friend’s new Michael Kohrs bags and watches and new cars and diamonds and concert tickets and fitbits and and and (you get the point).  This can be easily solved using Amazon Prime! Amazon has everything you could possibly need to help add excitement to your own life this holiday season! My go-to purchases are wine, chocolate, paper towels (because eating cake in bed is messy), and some sort of diet product for when I decide it’s time to attempt to lose ten pounds in a week. I order each thing separately so that it’s like Christmas every time I come home. tumblr_mxrxdifYtV1sdty8jo1_500
  5. Start a Fitspo instagram.  I haven’t tried this one yet, but I feel that it could be helpful since girls with fitness Instagrams are always bragging about how they are in a happy and committed relationship with things like peanut butter and sleeping. I feel that I can really give myself to that type of relationship, especially if in return I get arms like Michelle Obama.giphy


So there you have it,  my single comrades!  May your holiday season be filled with wine-induced laughter, netflix binges, and cuddling up with your chocolate cake!

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The Year My World Fell Apart and Other 2015 Musings

Life is many things.  Talk to any number of people and each will give you a different as to what life means to them.




An adventure.


Life is many things. But one thing is for certain, it is never boring. I recently saw a meme floating around the internet that said, “Life is looking both ways before crossing the street only to be hit by an airplane.”

I think we can all attest to that.

The first word that comes to mind when I reflect on 2015 is heartbreaking.  2015 hurt a lot.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that since my niece passed in September, I have yet to have a day where I haven’t cried.  Some days I might cry all day, only moving from my bed to the couch. Other days, I’ll be going about my day just fine when it will just hit me and I’ll find myself hiding in the restroom at work trying to pull myself together.

2015 was hard.  But behind the tears, grief, and heartache, it was also beautiful. I’ve learned many things and this is where I share them with you.

  1. I learned to trust my instincts.  Have you ever met a new person and you get this sense that something isn’t quite right? For me, that happened a few times this year.  I didn’t listen to that check inside and found myself on the other side of the relationship hurt.  Instincts are there for a reason. Learn to listen.
  2. I learned after watching the What Do You Mean music video that it is possible to be physically attracted to Justin Bieber and that it feels as wrong as it sounds. I’ll understand if this confession leads to you unfollow me.
  3. I learned that grief makes you do strange things.  It made me walk from my sister’s house to the beach alone, crying and sweating.  It made me walk right into the ocean with all my clothes on, not caring how ridiculous I looked because I just wanted to feel something, anything other than what I was feeling. Grief made me stop at a green light without realizing what I was doing, only to just sit there in shock, unable to move even after I realized that I was sitting at a standstill at a green light.  Grief is hard, and it’s weird.
  4. I learned that even if you are the girl that has been doomed to eternal singledom that finding true love still is possible. This life lesson is brought to you by Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. Thank you, you beautiful love birds you.
  5. I learned that sometimes, your prayers don’t get answered.
  6. I learned that even when your prayers don’t get answered, God is still close.  The days following my niece’s death, I felt as though everything I thought I knew about God was destroyed.  My world shattered God didn’t come through the way we wanted.  I wondered if He even existed. On my way to Miami for the funeral, I sat in the airport and in my heart asked God to prove to me that He exists and as a test of his existence, I wanted him to show me a red balloon that day.  When I got to my sister’s house, I walked into her bathroom and sitting on the counter was a red balloon.
  7. I learned that death brings healing.  Sitting bedside to my poppa, watching him take his last breaths was one of the most excruciating and painful experiences of my life.  Yet there was a presence and a peace that I had never felt before.  As painful as it was for me, I could feel his spirit finally being at peace.  In a strange way, his death brought healing to the pain I was feeling after losing my niece not even two months prior.  The presence of God was so strong in those moments of death; and even though I couldn’t explain in, it was as if I finally knew He was close again.
  8. I learned that 95% of what we stress and worry about has absolutely no meaning.  After losing people you love, you realize that everything else is not nearly as important as you once thought.
  9. I learned that Israeli massage therapists have no regard for personal modesty.  None.
  10. I learned that in the hard times, you’ll be hurt by the people you expected to stand by you and they didn’t.  You’ll also be amazed at the people who stepped up and stood by your side no matter how hard your process became. No matter how sad, depressed, or hopeless you felt, they were there.

As you can see, 2015 was a hard year.  I learned a lot of lessons that I would have preferred to have never had to learn, but I know that in the end, God is faithful to redeem. My process from 2015 will probably bleed into 2016 and that’s ok.  Unlike previous years, I’m not interested in running full speed into 2016 with goals and aspirations in mind.  I’m only interested in finding the girl that survived 2015 and allowing her to sift through the rubble and find the treasures that the journey left behind for her.

I’m only interested in moving forward.

Goodbye 2015.  You will forever hold the memories and the final breaths of two people I very dearly loved. You’ll forever be the year where I learned that anything outside of love is only a waste of time; and for that, I am forever grateful.

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