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Yes, my real name is Rihanna, but I go by Rheyna on the internet for obvious reasons. One time Facebook even shut down my account because they claimed that “Rihanna” wasn’t my real name.  I am 27 years alive and I currently live in California attending Bethel School of Ministry. I enjoy writing, singing, baking, reading US Weekly, and driving aimlessly in my car singing along to Taylor Swift.

32 thoughts on “About Rihanna

  1. Troy Collins says:

    Thank you soooo much for the letter Rihanna. I am a father of teen girls and that was articulated beautifully. cudos to your parents. GOOD JOB GIRL!!!!!


  2. Rhianna says:

    I don’t believe in coincidence or accidents. I believe in Divine appointments! Last night and even today reading ALL THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS about Miley I just felt so upset at people who were saying all the same negative things over and over. I felt complete empathy for her, like can’t anyone else see that she is a mess outside probably because she is a worse one on the inside. It is the truth about her being a role model, but she is so far from even herself right now, there is no way she is understanding the affects her behavior is having on others. I was upset and moved enough to look on her facebook right now to see if there was anything I could write to her. scrolling down and down it was just more of the same you would expect, then I saw a link to your page and I was like THANK YOU JESUS! now I can exhale knowing that I am not the only one out here haha (and quite literally because my name is Rhianna too) 🙂 haha SO AWESOME to read this, thank you for using your gift in the way it was meant to be used, words are SO POWERFUL. Beautiful and Inspiring! My Prayers for Miley


  3. Julie says:

    That was beautiful and very well written. Thank you for sharing this.I am going to share it on Facebook because it is so touching. I wish Miley could read this for herself, I think it would really open her eyes. I would love to follow your blog but don’t know how. Lol


  4. Peggy says:

    I keep seeing a beautiful little girl being interviewed by some talk show host with her Dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. She talked about her love for God and going to church with her family every Sunday. She laughed because her Dad always made them late and she didn’t like to be late for church. She even quoted her favorite Bible Scripture. Such a sweet and innocent little girl. I prayed at that time that she would grow up and still be that sweet, innocent girl so we could finally be a positive roll model in Hollywood for other young girls to follow. It breaks my heart to see such a waste of a young life. I am not into current entertainers because most of them are disgusting and I certainly don’t admire many of them. I don’t listen to most of the music because it has such a vulgar message. Young people are so impressionable and if one of their celebrities does something (no matter how outrageous) they accept it as the way they should act. Rihanna, I have never known much about you, but I want you to know that I admire you for taking the time to write the letter to Miley. If she would only listen to your heartfelt message to her!!! I can only pray for her. It breaks my heart to see the waste.


  5. soundwisewoman says:

    While I do not agree with everything you said, still you wrote some things that many parents of young girls are feeling according to all the other commentary I have been hearing about Miley’s performance. I feel you wrote from your heart, and did not simply do it to get more hits or to be misinterpreted that Miley is raising your child or that you don’t have a clue. As I said, I don’t agree with everything, however the general message was a good one. Also, try not to let the comments of those who feel the need to slam you for what you wrote. Most often, what people write or say is very telling about who *they* are and how they think. And yes, we are all entitled to our own perspectives and opinions. Best wishes to you and for your writing. You know it’s effective and you’re reaching people when we all just have to stop and let you know how we feel. 🙂 Write on!


  6. Abigail says:

    That was really an awesome post. I feel the same way you do. I am a young girl and when I was little I looked up to Miley in every way possible. I wanted to be just like her. Well now everything has changed. I see how she is acting and it makes me sad. It makes me sad the that girl I saw in concert isn’t there anymore. Even though I wanted to be so much like her then, I don’t now. Now I wish she was a little more like me.


  7. Love-Excellently Jennifer Pettiford says:

    You are a daughter of the Most High God! Why bother to write about this? Instead use your gifts and talents to encourage those whom are seeking to live a life devoted to Christ… The blessing of the Lord be with you. Psalm 129:8 ~
    Keep up the good work he has called you to do!


    • Amanda says:

      Judgmental much? I am sorry to sound rude but by writing about this she has reached a lot of people. I personally thing God may just have a plan for that… Rihanna’s writing is kind, intelligent and clean. No need to put her down.


  8. Julie says:

    Great post……….perfectly stated. And for all the negative feedback……so many people/parents are truly ignorant. Live and learn I guess


  9. Ty says:

    Just wanted to say what great post on the “letter to Miley”… well written, not preachy, relevant to parents as well as youngsters, “truth in love” sincerity, encouraging, and heartfelt. Kudos!


  10. Cassandra says:

    I found your post to be the echo of my own heartbeat. I have a similar letter that I wrote a few years ago to Katy Perry. Thank you for posting. What favor you have been given for it to go viral!

    I am curious if you are going to attempt to send this to Miley? I work in media, production, and the arts; and I have a few ideas as to how to reach out to her using the viral status of this post and the fact that you have alot of support for reaching her.

    Feel free to email me and perhaps we could talk more privately than on your “About” page 😉

    All the best,



  11. Jan Ross says:

    You are very talented young lady. I really respect how well you expressed yourself and spoke for what so many of us were thinking about Miley Cyrus’ spectacle. I will be following your blog now. May God bless you and the people you reach! Jan


  12. Moushie says:

    Thank you, Rihanna, for your heartfelt concern about this. I would only caution you about one thing: Change your photo. I’ll say it with discreet terminology: The posture you’ve chosen accentuates the “top of your body” and is a slice, albeit minimal by comparison, of what Miley Cyrus portrayed. I do not say this to be critical of you, but rather out of the same type of concern that you tried to convey to Miley.


    • Lucitia says:

      She should wear a burka and hide or deny her form? Women have bodies. Modesty is not a prescription; modesty is about intention; it’s about purposeful planning and the communication of values. Cultures or factions that place a great deal of emphasis on a woman’s adherence to strict codes of dress are actually objectifying women and suggesting that women are predominantly their sexuality.


    • Megan says:

      You honesty cannot be trying to compare her photo to Miley Cyrus, so the girl has breasts and nice posture? That makes her slutty? I think that makes her a female and I don’t see her trying to flaunt it. That comment was totally uncalled for. If you are a christian, you’re the type of christian responsible for the popular judgmental christian stereotype. If you think that’s to provocative, I hope you wear nothing but floor length potato sacks. I’m going to try to say this tastefully but you might want to see if there is a stick up your ass.


  13. NeedlessDiversion says:

    Hello Rihanna,

    Just thought I would let you know that even though my replies to your Miley post may have seemed quite pointed, they were more for public consumption than aimed personally at yourself. I have no doubt from your writing that you are a kind, caring and sensitive person and your post was written with the best of personal intention and with that in mind it matters not if people agreed with your thoughts or not.

    I checked back and saw you said you had some negative comments and that you had to dispel theories that you were a member of the Illuminati.

    As an epopt of the Illuminati myself, I can wholeheartedly confirm I have never come across you in any group meetings.

    If you wish to learn more about the Illuminati, could I recommend you pick up a copy of ‘Cosmic Trigger Vol 1, The Final Secret Of The Illuminati’

    I am NeedlessDiversion and I do not necessarily endorse this message.



  14. Mirali says:

    Heyy :)) I just commented on your instagram post and I have to say I really like your blog ! Ill definetly subscribe and check your blog everyday 🙂 I actually just started blogging, and I would appreciate any support you could give! If you have the time, please check it out, share it, or comment! It would mean a lot 🙂


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